Game On!

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Time to dive into the blogosphere world with my first post.   They say you are supposed to write these from the heart and be passionate about what you are writing.  Most people who know me would affirm how passionate I am about the real estate appraisal industry and profession.  Sometimes, so passionate that I get caught up doing all the talking while sprinkling some F-Bombs, a couple shits and damns within a 15-word sentence.  I guess then, I’m on the right track and here goes. 

There are many blogs, articles and links to what or who a Real Estate Appraiser is.  You should be able to find that information easily on Google, so I will skip this part.  I don’t desire to tell you things you can look up for yourself.  I desire to tell you the things you don’t know or want to know more about.  I want to share thoughts, ideas, my experiences, the hidden costs, the secret information, the misconceptions, and the unseen things that drive me to do what I do. All this set me on a Goonies like treasure hunt to find the answers, make new friends and keep the bad people away from what is ultimately yours.  I want this blog to be a journey for everyone but also realize that while I do consider myself an expert in my profession, I may not have all your answers or my take on things may be different from someone else’s.  I assure you that my take on things will be different.  Why you ask?  For starters I rarely hold anything back. I’m not doing this to make people happy, sad, or even gratified.  I’m doing this because I care about people’s lives and wellbeing and want more consumers to have real information with better understandings of what is going on in the banking and valuation sector

There are really great valuation bloggers out there already who give you the ins and outs of the appraisal process, how we do things, what we look for and how we determine value.  Some bloggers provide detailed charts and graphs as well as great content for the industry.  I have the most respect for them helping other people and their blogs are great.  While I’ll certainly share my experiences and some similar content, this type material is not my main objective. My goal is to use my voice, other avenues of information resources, and my passion to hopefully shed some light on this wonderful business enterprise.

The real estate appraisal profession is so much more than a person coming to your house for 20-45 min and taking pictures.  It’s more than a person pulling comparable sales, market data and then coming up with an opinion of value.  There is a deeper world that exists. For example, the regulations (or currently I should say, the loosening of regulations), a former Attorney General of NY who made some bad deals and decided to create more issues, AMCs (Appraisal Management Companies) that overcharge consumers and underpay appraisers, and of course poor lender behavior.  These are some of the things I hope to share with you in my own words, and hopefully become a better writer along the way.

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  1. It’s sickening what has been allowed to be perpetrated on the unwitting consumer and the all too witting Independent Appraiser. If anyone in this business world deserves reparations it is the Independent Fee Appraiser.


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