Masters Of Our Universe.

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Whether you believe it or not, YOU have the power. The power to decide whats best for you, your business and the power to make a difference. Its not just given to you, you have to work at it, believe in it and put it to use.

Power can come in many forms. You can be strong physically, mentally, monetary or in social aspect. How you choose to use your power is completely up to you.

For me my power came from acceptance. I wanted to be accepted. The more I was accepted the more my power increased. I also developed a social aspect of power. Social media is a powerful tool in itself and combine that with wanting to be accepted by your peers and others the power was becoming even greater. It was consuming me. It was making me believe that I was so powerful that nothing could bring me down. I had no weakness. I had no kryptonite. I was in complete control of everything and there was no one that could stop me.

My power was bigger than anything out there. Bigger than me, my business and my visions. I went on to do good things and attract others that fed off my power. They saw it, they wanted it and they needed it too. We formed a Powerful group and no one would stand in the way. Our own League of Nations.

With power THERE is always a weakness. Weakness that you may not discover until later on. You have been so consumed by your power that you never once thought about the one thing that could break you. The one thing that could bring you to your knees in an instant. Then it happens….

One day your power is gone. The people nearest to you walk away because you just aren’t powerful enough. Your personal life goes into what you think is a never ending spin. You become human again and everything you built with your power is now buried beneath the rubble of the chaos you have caused. You are left picking up the pieces and wondering if you can survive this. Can you?

The answer is yes… It will take hard work and determination to do so but you will survive and you will find that power again,,, but in a more realistic way.

Let me explain… for 2 years I had a lawsuit against Coester VMS. I sued and then was countersued for 20 million. That’s enough to make anyone walk. I didn’t. I was a superhero. I had the support behind me. I was destined to win this. I did. However it didn’t come without being exposed to kryptonite. I had everyone behind me. However my kryptonite came in the form of alcohol. Remember earlier when i said nothing could bring me to my knees??? Well alcohol did just that! It not only made me get on my knees it almost destroyed everything I built. My group, my friendships, my credibility but most of all my Home life and wife. I lost business and lost clients. I was on my way to being powerless in all aspects of my life.

Fast forward 5 months. I have my power back. But not in the same form as it was. I am now powerful in myself, my home life and my business. See I never really lost my powers. I just needed to use them where they really needed to be used. We are all powerful in our own right. It’s where we choose to use that power that will define us and make us. I’m choosing to use my power for good. Good for my business, my life and for my other endeavors that I am a part of.

We all have the power… Where you decide to use it is up to you.

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