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Well, here we are closer to 2020. A new decade and a new year for you to achieve everything you put off in 2019, that’s if you are willing to achieve them. Are you? I know I am but first I need to have the right attitude in order for me to succeed.

The following quote was posted to a group I am involved in on Facebook: The Real Value Coaching Academy, run by Blaine Feyen. Blaine is not only an appraiser, a wonderful podcaster and mentor to me but a once in a lifetime friend that doesn’t come around often. I owe much of my life changes to this guy. Anyhow back to the quote:

I don’t know about you but this one quote got me thinking. Thinking harder than I have before and thinking about my life, past and present. It made me turn down the radio, pull over and just start writing (something I do a lot of now that I have a clear mind and clear thoughts).

When I started thinking about this quote, I realized something so hard-hitting that I looked up into the sky, took a deep breath and released what felt like a ton of bricks off my chest. Why, you ask? Because this is so TRUE maybe not for you but for me it spoke volumes. So I started looking at my past and who I am now.

I’m 44 soon to be 45 years old. My life has been a constant struggle with acceptance and making a statement. Full of screw ups and full of challenges. As I’ve spoken about in past blog posts, I’ve battled addiction to alcohol. Not always but more recently. My whole life has been a constant roller coaster of emotions and me THINKING I knew what I was doing or masking the truth. Looking back there was one thing in my past constant throughout this roller coaster ride… my attitude sucked. It was always negative. Negative towards myself and negative towards others. My attitude was even negative towards things I had NO control over.

When the appraiser world changed because of AMCS my attitude got even more negative. “I’m not working with these people” I’d say. I’d respond to emails and bid requests with negative comments to people who were just doing their jobs. “For that fee you can take a hike” or “how dare you insult me with such a fee”. When work wasn’t coming in, I’d reach out to clients I hadn’t heard from and make excuses, for my past actions. I surrounded myself with people who had the same attitudes because I was so used to being and acting this one way that they were attractive people to be around. They shared my same thoughts and fed my negative attitude even more. In my mind, I was becoming powerful and they liked me. My attitude was garbage and in the process I did one thing… hurt myself and my business.

That negative attitude was so embedded inside me I never noticed it. It was just so natural and I believed that this is who I was and should be.

Fast forward to today. It’s been 165 days with a clear mind and the shocking truth is this… my Attitude is that of being positive and creating opportunities for myself. Do I still have negative thoughts towards certain things? Absolutely, I’m human. I am still angry with the AMC model, the Bifuricated appraisal revolution and how we Appraisers are treated. I’m still angry about my lawsuit. I still have negative thoughts towards certain personal things and I still have negative thoughts in general. However the difference now is that my attitude has changed and these things no longer consume me. I now look for ways to better myself, my business and my life. I take the negatives in the profession and try to make them positives for me. I’ve changed my attitude because I was willing to change it, because I had to change it and as a result, things in all aspects of my life have gotten better. Not all things are fixed or joyful but with hard work and a continued positive attitude I know in my mind I’ll succeed.

Recently I was being attacked for the change in my attitude and myself. This person was the old me.. negative and just couldn’t get past the fact I could actually change. I didn’t think I could either to be truthful. The old me would have gone on the attack. The new me with a better attitude used this as fuel to keep me going, to prove to MYSELF and ONLY MYSELF that what I’ve changed is for the better and will benefit me.

“The great revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.”

By changing my inner attitude I’ve gotten better clients, I’ve started this blog, I’m releasing my podcast shortly, I have a better relationship with my wife and friends, I’m finally crossing off all those things I said I would do in 2017, 2018, 2019 and I’ve created opportunities for myself that I’d never have, had I not changed my ATTITUDE. By changing my attitude for the better, the rest of my life has changed for the better as well.

Give it a try. You might enjoy it.

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