20/20 for 2020

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20/20 vision is synonymous with perfect vision (Luckily at 44, I still am told I have 20/20 vision.) However, it really is about the clarity of your vision at a distance. With 2019 ending and 2020 about to begin, take a moment and ask yourself a question… what is your 20/20 for 2020? What is the clarity of your vision for the year 2020?

Most people will make their annual New Year Resolutions and most of those resolutions will fail and fail pretty quickly. Many people make resolutions to quit smoking, lose weight, hit the gym, and so on. I am one of these people as well and have made my resolutions which mostly failed or I gave up on pretty quickly. So for 2020 I did something different. I decided I would use the entire year instead.

For 2020 I made a vision for my life and my business. Too many times I failed at making resolutions therefore this year I’m making a vision. A vision that will take the entire year. A vision that will have many moving parts but no specific starting point. This vision includes 2 parts, what I’m WILLING TO DO & what I’m NOT WILLING TO DO.

So what am I willing to do in 2020?

I am willing:

To quit smoking because I have already taken steps to better my health, and this is the last step in riding myself of poor health habits.

To put myself out there on a Podcast & in my blog while accepting all feedback thrown my way.

To deep look at my business and be open to changing things to make it more efficient & more profitable.

To Spend more time with family and away from my business.

To add as much value as I can to anyone willing to wanting it.

To get after life and business. Make things happen and create opportunities for myself and business.

To take the AGA to a higher level for our members

What am I not willing to do in 2020

I am not willing:

To allow others to consume me in a negative way

To allow myself to fail in my personal life and or business life.

To reverse course and go back down the path of destruction I just left.

To just sit back and wait for things to happen.

These are just some things I have written and made reminders of to reassure me of the Clarity of my VISION for 2020.

So instead of making a resolution, try making a vision for 2020 and then making those things happen during the course of the year.

1 comments on “20/20 for 2020”

  1. Mark: as to your resolution about your blog; keep blogging! It is tough to make a decision without input from all sides. Your blogs are clear and to-the-point. They are short (unlike those of a competitor blogger), thus easy to read. Thanks!


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