1 YEAR… 1 long but short YEAR. Its easier than it sounds.


In today’s day and age, we want things fast. We want our amazon packages in 1-3 days, we want our food delivery within 30 min or so, and we want changes to occur overnight. While all this is great, there is something that can’t happen quickly…. Making changes to yourself.

Sunday, July 19th, will be one year sober for me. It’s hard to imagine after years of drinking and having fun that I could go ONE full year without having a drink. The thought of it back then was almost impossible to obtain. “How can I go out and NOT have a drink.” “Sorry, everyone I can’t go out and drink for the night because I don’t drink anymore.” “My life is over cause I cannot go out and have fun without having a drink”. These were the thoughts that ran through my mind, along with many more back then.

The keywords are BACK THEN.

Here we are today. July 16th, 2020. I have been 1 year sober, but I’ve also managed to do so many other things the DRUNK mark would have never accomplished. I’ve also realized so many things I never could trap while drinking.

For starters, I have a better relationship with my wife and family. My wife went through it all with me and managed to endure the good, the bad, and the ugly. So while there were times we had good, we had mostly bad and ugly. Lets think about this. When you go on vacation with your wife, you want to make memories. Right? ME??? I would want to know where the closest bar was, and if it were possible, we would stop at all the bars to have a drink. See, she didn’t know or understand it all. But I sure did. My vacations were more about having the home town brew or sitting down to drink than making memories of our trip. Even my wedding night on Jekyll Island Ga was more about partying than about our wedding night. My father made it a point to point that out that night and there I was sad and stupid cause all I wanted to do was drink and have fun. Can I redo my wedding today with my wife?? I can, and I almost want to because I created more issues than any normal person would have. However, today we have a great relationship and looking forward to doing more in our lives because of my sobriety. We have gone camping, we have our dogs, and we love each other more now than we did in the past.

My life. I could talk about this forever; however, for the sake of your eyes and more, I’ll keep it simple. My life… I now see things in a better, more in-depth capacity than I did when drinking. I’m able to decipher words, I’m able to see through the crap, and I’m able to take responsibility for my actions. Well sort of. I tried to quit smoking and did for a bit but then allowed myself to get back to it. Not something I’m proud of but just another thing I need to overcome but denied to my wife when confronted. Ugh. So much to work on still. I am getting there.

Business-wise my life has changed. I’m more successful than ever, I’m building a great business, and I continue to do it. I was once so lost, but I got with the right people, and things have gotten better for me. I have the right people in place to guide me. I can now separate good business from bad business and make sure I do things correctly. I’ve built up my private side vs my lender side. I’m actually being a business owner.

At the end of the day, life is good. It’s not great as I have so much more to work on both personal and business-wise. In one year, I have managed to do things I never thought I could obtain. In one year, I have grown personally and professionally. So while we always want fast results in all other matters, achieving personal results takes time, effort, and desire. Suppose you dont desire or want them. They won’t come.

When it comes to your personal life, change is going to take time. Its going to require so much of you and your time that you may even want to stop. My advise… Keep going. Shit may get hard but thats the best thing about improving yourself. ITS HARD. In the end you will look back and wish you did it earlier. Wish you had taken on the demons earlier. When you conquer them… there is no better feeling. Right or wrong. The feeling of immense joy is what you will experience and trust me… it makes your life better.

If you are willing to look in the mirror and decide to make changes, then set forth, make a plan, and obtain them. No one can achieve your goals for you. I am proof things can happen if you set your mind to them and are willing to change not only yourself but change your views and business.

Seek your truth. Seek your path. Set out on it and don’t let anything stop you from doing it. You wont be able to control everything, but if you can control you then you are well on your way.

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