Positive Adjustments. We can use them and we can also give them.

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In today’s day and age, along with social media, we are flooded with negative thoughts and negative posts. The media, friends, and family tend to post everything they believe to be true to their feeds, especially when it comes to doom and gloom. In the Valuation world we see numerous posts per day that showcase the negative side of things. As appraisers we post about poor fees, bid requests, reconsiderations of value, lenders, bad appraisal management companies, realtors and so on. In Realtor groups I see posts of bad appraisers, bad experiences, and more. Let’s face it, its what society and social media have become. It’s a place for you to post your feelings, your rants, and your issues. Rarely do we get to see the positive side of things, and that is where Positive Adjustments comes into play.

Started in 2020 by Mark Skapinetz and Blaine Feyen, Positive Adjustments is a Facebook group/Zoom meeting place for positive growth, positive feedback and to take the negative issues and try to turn them into positives for yourself and your business. Each week on Friday at 4 pm EST the show runs a live Facebook event by incorporating Zoom to discuss business, life, and well, positive dialogue that can help others. Now, this isn’t just a group or show for appraisers. Anyone looking to make some positive changes in their business and life within the valuation world is welcome. While primarily made up of real estate appraisers, we encourage others such as realtors, lenders, and Amcs to enter into conversation. There can never be too much conversation to help everyone make useful, positive adjustments in their businesses or lives. 

So what makes this show and event each week different? Glad you asked yourself that. First, let me give you some background on the two men that started this… 

Blaine Feyen founded the Real Value Group, and before that, Blaine lead a large residential and commercial appraisal firm to exponential growth while also starting another entrepreneurial venture offering business training and coaching to new and existing appraisers. During that time, Blaine developed one of the most comprehensive Appraiser training programs the industry had seen up to that point. Blaine has mentored and personally trained 12 appraisers since 2005, and mentored more than 30 appraisers through his companies, most of whom have gone on to build their own successful appraisal firms.

Blaine’s appraiser training programs covered aspects of the appraisal profession typically not taught in licensing courses and mentoring programs. The courses covered topics such as sales and marketing, social media, business development, utilizing the latest technology, public speaking, using video technology for appraising, prospecting for new businessmindsets for success, optimizing an office, using virtual assistants, developing a web presence, podcasting and using video for success, mentoring other appraisers, vital communication skills for Appraisers, and how to work ‘on’ your business while working ‘in’ your business. 

Blaine is a sought after teacher, speaker, and business coach, speaking regularly to real estate and lending groups around Michigan. Blaine is also a 4th degree Black Belt in the martial art of Aikido, a student of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and the founder of one of the largest full time martial arts academies in the Midwest. In the early 1990’s, Blaine was accepted into the prestigious Leadership Development Academy as a full time live-in student under the renowned Aikido and Zen Master, Fumio Toyoda. Blaine spent several years studying Aikido, Zen Meditation, tactical defensive applications, and Leadership under Mr. Toyoda and traveled the world teaching. After graduating from the Leadership Development Academy, Blaine founded his own martial arts and leadership academy in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Blaine spent the next 13 years traveling around the world teaching Aikido, defensive tactics, and leadership to military, law enforcement, and civilian groups while also managing a busy career in real estate. Blaine’s speaking and teaching schedule has taken him to Poland, Bulgaria, Wales, England, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, South Africa, and almost every state in the U.S.

Currently, Blaine is a busy appraisal firm owner and building one of the fastest-growing podcasts, The Real Value Podcast, and business coaching programs for the appraisal industry. Blaine’s coaching program for appraisers, the Real Value Coaching Academy, is a high accountability coaching program designed to help new, as well as veteran appraisers, expand their businesses, become much more profitable, work less hours while making more money, give more to their chosen charities, and build wildly profitable appraisal firms that give their owners more life, more income, more enjoyment, and considerably more fulfillment.

Mark Skapinetz has been an appraiser since 2003. He started his appraiser career in his home state of N.J. and moved to the Atlanta Ga area in 2007 where he founded his business and company, What’s It Worth Appraisal Services. His passion for the profession, helping others, and outspoken nature led him to start the 100% Real Estate Appraiser group on Facebook that now has over 2880 independent appraisers as members. Full of new ideas he came up with and co-founded the Appraiserfest conference that took place in 2018 in San Antonio, Texas, to bring real estate appraisers together in one place and help empower them. He has been an advocate for the profession for many years, including taking on the notorious AMC Coester VMS in a lawsuit. 

In 2019 he became the President of the American Guild of Appraisers that helps its members with a variety of issues, including payment issues, state board issues, and complaints. In 2018 he created the People’s Appraisal Blog that he then converted into the Skap the Appraiser podcast and blog in 2020 that covers the appraiser profession, his life, and the positive changes he has made to become more successful. In 2019 he entered alcohol treatment, which he is very vocal about, and as of today, he is one year sober. Sobriety has brought a new sense of life and business to him. In the past, he concentrated on the negative aspects of the profession while never looking at the positives. Sobriety, a newfound passion for the profession and business, has led him to become more successful than ever before and empower him to be a more positive influence in the profession, business, and personal life. He now spends his time advocating for appraisers, sharing his story, all while helping and encouraging them more positively. 

Mark is a student in Blaine Feyen’s coaching academy, where he has since been able to transform his business to start growing in the right direction. It was here that the two got together and created the Positive Adjustments group/show. 

When he is not appraising or blogging, Mark can usually be found competing in Dock Diving events with his appraisal inspection rescue dog Destiny, that he found in a basement closet of a home during an appraisal inspection and spending time with his wife Hope creating a more successful life and future together. 

So why the Positive Adjustments? As you have read, the hosts are polar opposites but have one goal in mind. That’s to bring some positivity to your life, business and profession. To help you improve yourself in all aspects and to achieve the best possible outcome you can. The Positive Adjustments show is a place to learn, support, and offer ideas that can help others become more successful. It’s a place that allows you to offer up your ideas, thoughts, or even your challenges and have others give their input or solutions. There is never really any set topic, so feel free to bring your own and allow everyone to talk about it positively. The goal here is to be positive and start your weekend off with just that, a POSITIVE experience. The more people involved and the more information is given can lead to better business, better relationships, and a better life in general. 

Positive Adjustments.. We can all use them in all aspects of our businesses and lives. We can all benefit from positive conversations, positive ideas, and positive solutions. 

Do you want or need some Positive Adjustments? If so., join us every Friday at 4 pm EST. Find Positive Adjustments on facebook and either participate via the live stream or get the zoom link to participate with us on zoom.

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