As I sit here today, I am thinking of that great new post. That amazing new blog post that will make a difference to just 1 person. I can sit for hours, and it doesn’t come. Then when I least expect it, I get a message from someone that changes my life in an instant. It changes my day. I could have the worst day ever, but then this message comes through and changes everything for me. It’s not because I asked for it, it’s because of everything I have done before it without even knowing I did it.
The other day I was sent this message from someone. I wasn’t expecting it. Hell, I was driving on interstate 75 doing 75 MPH, and it just appeared. Now I know what your thinking… I was driving and reading this. Nope Wrong… I got off the next exit, I opened it up, and my day was changed. Here is what was sent to me:

This right here just turned my frown from 3 inspections upside down. It makes everything I have worked hard to become a reality.
I have never shied away from my battle with addiction. Hell, if anything, I have made it my top priority. I’m passionate about what I have done and continue to do. I want to bring awareness to this disease and its issues. I have worked my ass off to battle it. The rewards so far are more significant than I have ever imagined.

Like this person, I have lost friends. I have had to change my life and have had to make adjustments. This is the kicker, though. This person is following me and my journey. They see what I am doing, and they want to do the same. Who knew that when I started this journey and blog that I would have others who aspire to be ME. BE ME. Wow. That’s powerful. That’s insane in my terms. But here we are. They follow me; they love my writings and more. Here I am thinking I am doing this for me, yet now I am touching others as well. That’s a load to take on, but if there is anyone that can, it’s me.

The point of all of this is simple. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO YOU MAY TOUCH…. YOU NEVER KNOW HOW YOUR ACTIONS ARE LOOKED UPON BY OTHERS. YOU NEVER KNOW JUST HOW MUCH OF AN IMPACT YOU CAN HAVE ON OTHERS. Think about that? We are all consumed with us, and our daily lives. We NEVER think about how our actions or decisions can affect others. This one message sent to me reaffirmed that I am doing what’s right for me and others. I am being looked at as an example, and yet I never knew it.

So think about it. No, really think about it. Everything you do is being looked at. Do you want to be the person they look up to or the one they chastise? Do you want to be a role model or just another person…. What you do everyday matters. It matters to someone. Whether you see it or not it matters.

To my message phantom… You made my day. You made my week. Your words will continue to make my year. Because the last thing I want to do is let you down and have you go back to a life of hell. Thank you. You matter to me. You matter to others. You are amazing.

Never underestimate what you can bring to someone. A simple talk, a simple engagement can change a persons life for the better. So whether you are appraising their home, opening a door for them, or just saying hi, know that your actions and your words can have an impact on others that you may never ever know.

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