The Beauty of Change.

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Change. It something almost every person fears even if they don’t know it. It can consume your mind and body; it can create havoc and even have you wishing it didn’t happen. However, Change can be a good thing, and if you just let it happen, if you take away the unknowns and embrace it, it can be a wonderful thing.

In my last blog post, I wrote about my vacation to Cades Cove TN, in the Smokey Mountains. If you haven’t read it yet, please do so. It was here I read about some history that had me thinking, Change, although unknown and scary, can also create a place of beauty. Let me explain.

In the Smokey Mountains, there is a road that takes you to Cades Cove. Along the way, on this winding road, there is a river called the Little River that winds with the roadway and creates many areas of picturesque beauty and photo opportunities. However, there is one spot along the way that is just breathtaking. Its called the Sinks. The wife and I stopped there on our way home to observe what everyone else was taking in.. The fantastic waterfall and white water action taking place below the bridge. It was here at this spot I did some reading. Back in the 1800s, this river was used as a passageway for logging. The Smokey Mountains were being logged for their timber, and all the trees were being sent down the river. A damn built up after the flooding had receded, and logs got stuck at this point in the river. For years this area wasn’t touched by humans. However, when the logs got stuck, it was time for humans to intervene and take action. The solution… Dynamite.. Yep, lots and lots of Dynamite to help unclog the logs to help send them down the river. The result is an area now known as the sinks, a large crater where the water flows down in a rage and creates a spot of absolute beauty to be observed. While that wasn’t the loggers’ intention, over time, the spot became a sight to see.

After reading about this event and how this spot became to be, I realized that not all Change has to be scary. It can be beautiful and worthwhile. I’m sure back then; the loggers never expected this spot that they changed would become such a beautiful place. Like I never expected, getting sober would lead me to such a beautiful place in life, how changing my ways would lead to better health, or taking steps to change my business would lead to better success. I will admit.. I was scared to death of changing my life. Everything in it would be changed forever. I may lose friends, the ability to enjoy myself at a party, or maybe worse, I lose clients and lose money. I was so scared of the future and what it would hold for me, but like the loggers, I had a a problem and needed a solution. So as the loggers did, I too took some Dynamite and blew it all up, and an end result is a place of happiness, a better life health-wise, and in business, I blew that sucker up so much it resulted in a more successful company due to the new clarity and vision I had.

Making changes in your life may not be immediately seen by yourself. It may be just something to help keep the flow going and to help an immediate need , however in the long run the changes you make to benefit yourself will be seen and admired by others for years to come just as the Sinks in the Smokey Mountains are seen by travelers everyday and admired all because a few loggers created it.

Are you ready to make changes? I know I still am.

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