The Journey (and the People that helped me get there)


Everyone, at some point in their life, takes a Journey. Whether it be a good one, a bad one, or an unexpected one, the journey you take is often defined by some life-changing experience or by your own decision to take it. The journey has a purpose; it has an end goal in mind that you have set forth, maybe knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. You will encounter many obstacles along the way, many crossroads, and you will have to make some callous decisions to meet that end goal.

This is the story of my journey. A 5-year expedition to peace, happiness change, and to find the person I was meant to be. It was a journey that I didn’t plan on taking, rather one set upon me to share with you today. It was a journey that started bad, but eventually, I was able to turn it into one of the best with the right guidance. This journey took me to places I hope never to visit again, and while it was unexpected, I will forever be grateful for everything and everyone that I encountered on my path. While this is my story, I hope that you will be able to somehow relate to it and maybe inspire you to take that journey yourself that you have put off.

Like most people, I thought my life was good. Five years ago, I was working, making money, and was dating the woman of my dreams. In my mind, things were great, and there was nothing that could take that away from me. My personal life was amazing; I was going to get married and start planning a family. Professionally, I was making waves. I was, in my mind, Successful and was part of a movement to advocate for appraisers all over. I was being looked up to and looked upon to help make changes and make a difference. Life was great. I surrounded myself with good people with good intentions and was part of something great. The journey had already started, but I had no idea, and as I was traveling in it , I lost my way. I lost my purpose. I lost who I was. I wanted to be more successful, I wanted more admiration, and I wanted to do things that no one else was doing or thought of doing. If you ever watched the Hobbit, I was Thorin after successfully taking back his ancestors mountain and gold. I was obsessed with everything around me that I lost sight of everything else. I was controlled by everything outside myself that I lost who I was. One word defined me. Doubt.

As I continued this journey, I started to encounter numerous battles that would put me to the test. The first was the Lawsuit that is well known and one that I am finally happy to put behind me. The second was my battle with alcoholism. The third was my battle with myself and just who I was and wanted to be. Like every journey, you encounter these battles however there are always others there to help you when you are about to be defeated. While the Lawsuit was a significant battle (and one I will touch on in another post) that lasted four years; it was the battle with alcohol, figuring out who I am and where I was going in life, that almost brought me to my knees and, well, death. I began to doubt myself and my decisions in life. My journey was in doubt. Would it end or would it continue. However, luckily for me, I had an angel on my side in my wife. While she could have just walked away, she made sure I would get the help needed and stood by my side every step of the way until the darkness was removed from me. I had my wizard in Blaine Feyen, who, through his knowledge, caring, and teachings, helped me see things from a standpoint that only a great teacher can. Think Professor Dumbledore in Harry Potter. With all the mistakes I made and the harm I caused, Blaine was there to teach me the things I wasn’t seeing and to guide me in the right direction. I had my army in the 100% real estate appraiser group as well as family and friends, behind me who stood by me even with all the issues I caused and was going through.

While I thought my journey was coming to an end, that was the furthest from the truth. The truth is, I still didn’t know who I was and who I wanted to be. I lost all confidence in myself in all aspects of life. I honestly thought I knew who I was after all this but that was another lie. After exiting rehab and getting sober, I was now left with a vast void. Just who am I? Where does this new person want to be, and where does he want to go. I mean, he still had this Lawsuit to deal with, but other than that, what would be my purpose in life now? I had no idea. I was lost. But like any journey you take, the answers aren’t always so clear. So I set out to find those answers with a clear mind, thus began my next journey. The journey to find out who Mark Skapinetz is and who he wants to become.

It didn’t take long to find some answers. All I had to do is accept the fact I needed help and needed guidance. Who best to help with that…The Wizard Blaine Feyen, My Angel (my wife) as well as some of my most trusted army members in the 100% group. When you are rediscovering who you are, who you want to be, and where you need to go, it’s best to consult the people that have helped you in the past, the people that care about you, and the ones that no matter what will accept you for who you are and believe in you even if they believe in you more than you believe in yourself. The ones that won’t sugar coat it and tell you how it is and how it should be. Tough Love, as they say. For me, these people gave me a new purpose and a new path to take. They gave me strength. They gave me the blueprint, the knowledge, and more to make my personal and business life better than I could have imagined.

Today I continue this journey, and I feel I will continue it until the day I leave this earth. It’s a journey that took me from the depths of hell to the graces of heaven. There is no shame in being on a journey where you need help. Doing it alone may lead to paths that continue to be troublesome. There is no shame in asking for that help along the way. Asking for help may be one of the best things you can do as a human being, no matter what it is.

I write this with a newfound acceptance of life, business, a new beginning, and a new love for wizards, angels, and armies. Without them, I most likely would have succumbed to the darkness and not be here. No matter what path you are on, no matter what the challenges are, and no matter how dark things seem, life is a journey, and you can’t travel it alone. Seek the help you need with pride and honesty. I can be the greatest decision of your journey you make. I’m grateful for my journey and all those that made it what it was. Ive decided to keep my journey going. I haven’t reached the end yet or satisfied with what I have achieved, and hope that one day I can look back on it, smile , be proud and know that others may have learned from it.


Blaine Feyen is the Host of the Real Value Podcast and Coaching Academy. His episodes not only teach you about business but life as well. Together we created the Positive Adjustments show on zoom and Facebook to teach positivity and making positive changes in your life and business. I am forever grateful for his wisdom and teachings. Today I have a company that has grown and expanded into other areas. Today I live a personal life that is still under construction; it’s way better than it once was due to his teachings, podcasts and friendship. Thank you Blaine.

The 100% Real Estate Appraiser group can be found on Facebook. We have over 3000 independent appraisers there and if you are an appraiser you can request to join. If you are not an appraiser but in need please reach out to me.

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