Month: March 2022

My Letter to Congresswoman Nikema Williams (D) Atlanta GA

What I am about to say here doesn’t just apply to Atlanta GA. These issues apply to every city, state and more, but I chose to do what right in my immediate area After listening to the hearing today on racial bias in appraisals and the info presented, I decided to call Congresswoman Nikema Williams

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How To Destroy The Appraisal Profession : Government 101

Anytime the Government gets involved in an issue, it tends to have more adverse effects than positive ones. It makes things worse when they only have their plan in mind and NOT the FACTS from the people they are about to hurt. This is especially true in the Real Estate Appraisal profession and the newly

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DETAILS.. Why They Matter.

Over the past two days, the Real Estate Appraisal Industry has been the subject of scrutiny with the release of the PAVE Report that the Interagency Task Force developed on Property Appraisal And Valuation Equity set forth by the Biden Administration. 3/23/2022. There was a public meeting to unveil the Pave Task Force report on

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