The Lost World of Empathy.

Empathy. It's probably the one word in the dictionary that has been lost. Lost in the fact that most have no idea what it means, that they have no idea how to use it, feel it, and well, it's something that most aren't taught these days. Before we go further, I'd like to ask you … Continue reading The Lost World of Empathy.

NEWS FLASH: It’s Not Just The Appraisers.

Over the past couple of weeks, numerous news sites have put out articles that seem to blame appraisers for delays in the lending world. Along with this narrative, the recent Covid 19 pandemic is also being sited as a possible reason as well as the continued narrative of an appraiser shortage and how difficult it … Continue reading NEWS FLASH: It’s Not Just The Appraisers.

I’m Only The Appraiser

Vic the Appraiser being Pressured There is no way I can start this blog off without referencing the famous scene from the sopranos with Vic the Appraiser seen here: Poor Vic. He just gets beat up for just doing his Job in this episode. While many appraisers will never experience this sort of violence … Continue reading I’m Only The Appraiser