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What do you OFFER?

What do you offer? Think about it. What is it you genuinely offer to others? I’m sure if you’re like me, you came up with some pretty generic answers to this question. Answers like I’m a good listener, I offer a good service in my business, and I offer help when needed. Ok, that’s a

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Positive Adjustments. We can use them and we can also give them.

In today’s day and age, along with social media, we are flooded with negative thoughts and negative posts. The media, friends, and family tend to post everything they believe to be true to their feeds, especially when it comes to doom and gloom. In the Valuation world we see numerous posts per day that showcase

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Realtors & Appraisers.. The Great Divide

Recently I have noticed in various groups and forums many posts from Realtors about Appraisers as well as Appraisers about Realtors. These posts aren’t about complimenting one another rather they are about complaining and or making disparaging comments about each profession. Realtors will say appraisers are not doing their job correctly, coming in low, killing

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