The story of the most elusive mythical figure: Customary & Reasonable Fees (C&R)

Let's face it, at one time or another in our lives we believed in such mythical figures as Santa, The Easter Bunny, Unicorns, Sasquatch, the Tooth Fairy, and Leprechauns. All of these amazing figures have a long history of stories, sightings, and have created excitement and joy for millions of people past and present. As … Continue reading The story of the most elusive mythical figure: Customary & Reasonable Fees (C&R)

Focus On Change

The appraisal and valuation world has been in constant change for the past ten years. Like all change, there is change for the better and then there is change for the worse. Currently in the appraisal and valuation world, there seems to be nothing but change for the worse with no end in sight.  But … Continue reading Focus On Change

Missing: Invoice For Appraisal Services

Typically when you sell a service, you include an invoice to the buyer or consumer for the services you provided.  This invoice lays out the products sold, the quantities, and services provided as well as the price or fee charged. The invoice is a vital part of any business. It is an official document that … Continue reading Missing: Invoice For Appraisal Services


Real Estate Appraisers REQUIREMENTS Active appraiser license, preferably certified, a computer, appraisal software, MLS, E&O insurance, dependable vehicle, camera, smart phone, a background check (by us) because the one your state requires every year is just not good enough and good communication skills (see smart phone requirement). JOB DESCRIPTION You will be responsible to perform … Continue reading HELP WANTED

What’s not in your wallet?

Before the housing collapse, when applying for a loan, you would go to your bank or mortgage broker and apply. Upon approval, they would explain the property would be appraised by a real estate appraiser and as the borrower, the cost of the appraisal was to the borrower (even though the appraisal is for the … Continue reading What’s not in your wallet?